A Table That Needed Glue

Out and about at garage sales again… I found a table.  A table that I saw had potential.  When Bob came home I showed him my new table, my table with designs on the front, with curvy legs with potential.  All he saw was A TABLE THAT NEEDED GLUE.  A table that I realized realized now needed glue!  A table that was a little more wobbly than I thought and well needed glue!

Here it the table after being glued and sanded and even he saw the details now!  Now he wasn’t laughing and shaking his head at my purchase.  He now saw it’s potential too.


I painted this with chalk paint and to make sure the detail on the front showed up I put some vaseline on the details.   The vaseline, as you may imagine, keeps the paint from adhering.   When you then distress it, the paint distressed here very easily.  I also painted a few striped on the top in a little bit darker blue.  Just to jazz it up some more.

IMG_0057 IMG_0050 IMG_0058

table of beauty
table of beauty

This is a table made for any room.  A nightstand, a side table for tea or coffee in the morning as you catch up on your facebook page or read a book.   A table that is blue with a it’s detail for everyone to see!