Antique Chair’s Should Not Be In A Garage

An antique chair should not be left in a garage, it should not get wet and have the underside fabric color show through the top layer. However, I am thankful that the owners thought it SHOULD be added to their garage sale!   That is how this antique chair ended up in my house.

IMG_5634 antiquechair

I had been going to a few garage sales I found this beautiful chair.  I had very little money left in my wallet.  I did NOT have enough money to pay for this chair that I was dying to try my new upholstery skills on.  I asked the owner to hold it.  Drove to the nearest gas station and paid the $2.50 transaction fee to get money for some odd brand ATM machine.  I got back to the garage sale and it was waiting for me!   I always worry the owner is going to sell it before I’m back.  I know it happens, as I was a recipient once of a grill we use camping all time because the owner sold it to me before the other party got back.

I stripped the old tattered and stained fabric almost immediately.  It was old, tacks and all in this chair. The wood was in almost perfect condition. The seat springs also in great condition.  I knew immediately I was not going to paint it.

So off came it’s old fabric to reveal it’s underside.

IMG_5648 IMG_5646

Now this chair that I wanted to make pretty immediately, sat without any fabric for about a year!  Or maybe even more!

Finally I got out my fabric and got this chair back to being pretty!  It’s ready for your sitting room, ready to serve as your chair in your home office or in your family room around the fireplace.  Where ever she ends up I know this chair has many more years to be sat it.

IMG_9905  IMG_9910 IMG_9906

Isn’t it pretty?!  The detailing on the wood legs and back is so pretty.  I just love how the blue and neutral beige coloring of the fabric brings out the shine of the wood.   I think she’d look great in your home.  You can find her in the For Sale section here on our website.