A Desk that Needs Editing to be Ready to Write Again

When you’re a devoted furniture purchaser, you just might find a few great things on a camping trip.  This is not a “highlight” of the trip for all (and by that I mean our children).   Although I do try to tell them that these purchases and refreshing of the furniture is what pays for our vacations.  They still would rather be swimming, exploring or biking.  Sometimes that’s what I want to do too.

Old 1901 desk

This desk is such a find.  Found down a 2 lane road in the middle of the day and what did we see but a sign singing “BARN SALE” to us!  We knew right away we could refresh this solid desk.

We found out that this desk is by Karpen & Company out of Chicago, who started making furniture when the owner immigrated from Poland and settled in Chicago, you can read the companies story here, and like a lot of companies after the depression and with the “sons” taking over they didn’t last long.  So we can date this desk to the early 1900 – 1940’s and because of it’s age, it needed some editing.

The editing was getting rid of the old broken handles, refinish the top and just give it a total refresh.  The old handles, what was left of them anyway needed to replaced and I chose new satin nickel pulls. The drawer fronts needed to be striped and prepped for painting and I settled on General Finishes “Persian Blue”.  The top was stripped, stained and refreshed with Dark Walnut for that two tone look that is everywhere and our customers love!  The drawers also all slide smoothly, which is a must for any drawer.  So with the right editing it’s ready to write again!

What do I love about this desk?!  

  1. First the curves on the top and the middle drawer.
  2. The middle drawer does not have a handle, yet it opens, so you won’t get snagged on it or have it in the way of your writing.
  3. I love the back edge with just a little height so things don’t roll off!
  4. The sleek handles are a favorite and I’m so glad I found them!
  5. The color — Persian Blue is like water. Sometimes it’s a green and sometimes it’s a blue.
  6. The detail of the trim on the top two drawers which helped to distress this perfectly.
  7. Also the way it has curved legs.
  8. What do you love about it!?   Karpen desk refresh by glossndab.com


Karpen desk refresh by glossndab.com

Karpen desk refresh by glossndab.com

Karpen desk refresh by glossndab.com

Karpen desk refresh by glossndab.com


Karpen desk refresh by glossndab.com

The desk is for sale at our retail space at Town Peddler Craft and Antiques Mall in Livonia, Michigan.   We are also selling a bankers chair with it or separate if you’re interested stop by! We are located along the WEST wall! You’ll see our Gloss ‘N Dab sign.


Thanks for looking and sharing our furniture!

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