A Disappearing Ironing Board Table

I have never seen anything like this table.  I have also been unable to find another one anywhere on line.  Is it that special? Is it that unique?  Tell me — have you seen one before?

It is a table that has an ironing board folded up into it.  It has an electrical outlet on the table with a cord to power it.  It has a drying rack.  Fold it all up and you have a table.   We are guessing most likely it was a sewing table and you put your sewing machine on one side and your iron on the other.  How easy and space saving is that?  For today’s modern lifestyles, I see it in a small apartment or studio space, functioning as a multipurpose table.

The table was in a garage under other items for sale at a garage sale when we spotted it. We realized rather quickly that it had been used as a garage utility table before we refreshed it. The table has some pretty sharp gouges and nicks.   Bob gave it a really good sanding.  Using a 100 grit sand paper all the way to 1,000 grit with the finished varnished top.  It got updated in a sage green paint for the base and legs with a good waxing for protecting the finish.  It is now durable and very usable for any indoor space.

Enjoy the pictures of how unique it is!

utility ironing table unique @ glossndab.com

A table set for dining.

utility ironing table unique @ glossndab.com

The wood grain is so nice and knotty and old looking.utility ironing table unique @ glossndab.com


Here is the electrical outlet and drawer.  I’m thinking toaster or even a coffee pot could be placed on the table, if you live in a very small space.    See that small hook in the above photo?  Unhook that fold the top and look an ironing board!

utility ironing table unique @ glossndab.com

utility ironing table unique @ glossndab.comutility ironing table unique @ glossndab.com

It also has a drying rack for towels or something.

When your done ironing back to a table for two.

utility ironing table unique @ glossndab.com

Now please tell me, have you ever seen anything like it?

Thanks for looking and please share if you like our work.   This table will be listed in the for sale section.

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