Gloss ‘n Dab is a family business.  Gloss ‘n Dab is about taking old pieces of furniture which need repair and refreshing them.  We add a little gloss and dab on varnish or paint to put new life into great furniture.


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Our business has sort of evolved.  About 4 years ago we started going to Estate Sales on the weekends, looking for furniture items and things for our own house.  We found many items!  A dresser for the boys room and one for storage in our family room. We refreshed them and we got hooked!

Bob grew up in a family owned hardware store and loves working with his hands when he comes home from his office job.   Terrie grew up learning to sew and make things.   The boys, well they learn about life as we homeschool and teach them life skills.

Terrie also got interested in upholstery work and found a class offered through the local community college.  She was able to learn some basic skills and redid a dining room chair and a channel back chair during class.   Continuing to work on that skill while watching You Tube videos and helping friends.

This Spring we started looking for pieces we could refresh and sell.  We then opened Gloss “N Dab.

 We offer three services:

1.  You can buy the pieces we have For Sale on our For Sale page.

2.  You can browse our inventory on our 2BRefreshed page.   If you find something you like, we can chat about customizing it for your home.

3.  You can have us refresh a piece of furniture you have in your home.   We can chat about the item and how you want it refreshed.  We prefer wood pieces but will work with what you have to determine how best to refresh it.   Send us photos to get the conversation started.


To contact us please fill out the form below and we should get back to you in 24 hours.