An Inspiration Gone Right!

A few months ago I posted a few items on our facebook page that we had collected (well maybe really have hoarded) in our garage, that needed a home and to be refreshed.   I hoped someone would love the items and we could customize it for them.  Well this little dresser found it’s home.

We started with this inspiration photo but the customer requested it not to be quite so distressed.  I understood what they meant so a little light distressing is sometimes better than a lot of distressing.  I think you’ll agree.

This is the inspiration photo and it is a pretty dresser!

Then came this piece.  I know it’s hard to see that this old, shaky, drawers stick dresser will look good but it did!  I was so glad our customer had faith in us!

dresser before by

It’s the right size, it has the right lines but could it be pretty like the inspiration photo?  Yes it could!  The customer came with a pillow from the room and we decided on more of a teal color than the blue.   I’m so glad they did because I got to use one of my favorite colors again!    I used it on this little side table too!

Off to work we went.  A completely sanded top, some wood pieces cut and mounted inside the frame (to remove the shaky problem), more sanding, priming, painting, and then top coats.   We also stained the ridge around the top for highlighting the wood.  Adding some drawer pulls in antique brass gave it a little bit more aged feel to match the keyhole I kept natural and did not paint!

As you’ll see YES this dresser could be pretty again!

teal dresser by

teal dresser by glossndab.comteal dresser by glossndab.comteal dresser by

Now this is my favorite collage because it’s so great to see how you can take an inspiration idea, an old dresser and get something pretty close to the inspiration.

teal dresser by

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