Big Green Bookcase

Is that a big green bookcase?  Is it missing a drawer?  Look at it’s size.  I knew I wanted it!  It was in the garage though.  It didn’t have a price at the Estate Sale.  It was missing a drawer.  It was dirty.  Now a little dirt I can clean it up.  A missing drawer, well that is where Bob comes in.  He offered to build a drawer!  I’m thinking “like a real drawer”, “one that works”,  “you can do that?” OK – I’m in, let’s get it!

So we negotiated a price and carried it out of the garage.   It needed some help. The bottom fell off on the way to the van.   Oh my what am I getting myself into?

green bookcase beforeI decided I liked the green and I had a green that would be perfect.  It really need some screws, nails, sanding, cleaning and a new drawer.   Bob is amazing, he did all that!  You’ll read about his experience growing up in a family run hardware store when we add to the Backroom page.   When there were family hardware stores. When children at age 10 worked right along with the family building and surviving life.

Back to the bookcase.  With a new drawer, some knobs and paint she is as good as new!  I wanted to keep her.  Wouldn’t it look great in an office?  That’s why I styled it as an office bookcase.  It really has so many possibilities.

front 1


top chippy







green bookcase top








I’m happy to say it already has a new home!   Thanks for looking!  If you can like us on facebook or pin it.   We would appreciate getting our website out there.


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