Buffet to Master Vanity

I love this project!  I love this vanity!  I wouldn’t sell it if it fit in my master bath, but it doesn’t. Now that means someone is going to be lucky enough to remodel it into their home.  Will that someone be you?  You will most likely find it at the Saline Antiques Market, September 20-21, if someone doesn’t buy it before then.   Let’s go straight to the after because it’s just so beautiful!

buffet to vanity at glossndab.com

Now the before and some more pictures and details.

buffet to vanity at glossndab.com The before showed us some great lines and the wood was in pretty good condition.  It need some clean up in general and a complete refreshing of the top.   It was sanded and varnished so it can withstand water and wear and tear as any bathroom vanity receives.   Between the layers of varnish it received sanding from 1200 grit sandpaper.  Personally, I didn’t know that existed until this project.  It is so baby smooth I just love to run my hands along it’s top!

buffet to vanity at glossndab.com

The wood grain really comes out in this piece and with the finish.

buffet to vanity at glossndab.com

More details of the top and sink.

buffet to vanity at glossndab.com

This vanity has a Kohler sink with 8″ sink holes.  We found a beautiful new oil rubbed bronze facet with it too.   I think it really goes well with the original hardware.buffet to vanity at glossndab.com buffet to vanity at glossndab.com

The top drawer front is now just for looks to make room for the sink.  The side doors still have great room for supplies and blow dryers.  You can fit in a nice basket or leave it open.

The second drawer is a working drawer that is now U shaped so the plumbing can go through it and hook to your sink line.  So great storage there too!buffet to vanity at glossndab.com

buffet to vanity at glossndab.com

 Here is the full before and after!

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