Busy, Busy is Gloss ‘n Dab

We have been busy with all kinds of fun projects.  I can’t wait to share them with you over the next few weeks.   Such pretty blues, yellows, reds and a few neutrals too.

We have changed a few things that we have been doing over the last 6 months.  We are no longer in a retail space at an antique mall, we found it was difficult to really represent our products well and keep up with the demand.  We got busy with family needs,  our kids are training for their black belts (POW!) and aging parent needs.   So we brought our business back home!   Enjoy the highlights of a few of our items.


glossndab mcm gray


glossndab blue waterfall 1

We are still completing projects from our inventory and taking custom orders.   We plan to do a few private showings in our home and maybe once or twice a year at an outdoor market.   More details to come on where we will be!

We have cleaned out our garage so we have less “inventory” to refresh, allowing us to really choose the key pieces we want to refresh.   This allows us to do a few projects at a time and make some other things.   Bob has been busy using his new router and will make some more tables, panels for our basement and other things, I’m told.

glossndab tools
Happy Birthday Bob!
glossndab workbench
All ready to get down to building.

The desk I use in my office is a Bob work of art.  Well, not a work of art but I really like it a lot! He has since purchased a tool to join the boards so there are no openings!  I love the simplicity of my desk and the uniqueness.   Although it’s a little messy, it’s a glimpse into my life here and the things I love.  My bible, CAbi clothing Spring Look book, nail polish and lip gloss, my planner, scissors (2 pair? why?), and many pens and highlighters.

gloss n dab desk1

Bob also built a new top for a small desk we had that needed to be repaired.  Our son wanted it in his room to do some of his schoolwork.  It’s perfect for that.  See those great routered edges?  Also, not a seam to be seen, this was three boards joined. Amazing!  So much more to come from that tool.

glossndab desk

That’s a quick glimpse into life here.  Thanks for continuing to support us and we look forward to sharing more with you.


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