Cherry Hill Dresser

We call this our Cherry Hill dresser because as we were driving on Cherry Hill road we found a wonderful garage sale and this dresser was part of it!  This old, worn out, tipsy, lose a wheel every time you move it dresser, was there just waiting for someone like us.   You know, the ones who see potential in old, worn out, tipsy, lose a wheel every time you move it type dressers.

We knew it just need some love, glue, sanding, staining, paint and care.   We knew that once again this dresser would fit into a home.  This dresser could have some more history, more stories to tell.  It had potential!


As you can see, really only someone like people who redo furniture could see it’s potential.   Bob striped and refinished the top in Jacobean and isn’t it pretty to see the beautiful wood grain of this dresser.

The wheels were pulled out (well the two that actually stayed in) and painted  and re-glued so they stay in!

The drawers were primed and painted in my new green, the one I call gray-green, and finished in the General Finishes top coat for durability.   I did a little light distressing as some of it’s old nicks just couldn’t be hidden and really I didn’t want them to be. This dresser is old!   New drawer pulls were added as those old one were cracked and broken.  I think this style fits the dresser well.

Here is the after and I think you can see it would be great for a TV and dresser combo in a bedroom.   With the dresser having two drawers I think it could go in a family room or den and display your TV.  It could hold a bigger TV than the little one we have in our room and the one I could carry to use for showing you a TV would be great on this cabinet.

Now enjoy the after photos!

dresser tv stand by

dresser tv stand by

dresser tv stand by

dresser side upclose

dresser tv stand by

Thanks for looking and if your interested it’s for sale on our website or in our booth at Reincarnations Resale in Saline, MI.   Grab it quick I don’t think this will last long!


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