Do you want to sit on plastic or fabric?

I guess back in the 1970’s sitting on plastic was the norm.   At least that is my opinion based on these 1970’s chairs.  Not only did this set have yellow plastic dots (and not the cute polka dots you wear today) but dots in a row.  They also had that 1970’s yellow wood.   They are solid chairs I’ll give them that.  Not a creak, rattle or roll in these.   Solid frames.    That is what we look for solid frames or bones.

Captain Chairs floral by


We first stripped (tore) off the old plastic vinyl.  Took out all the staples.  That truly is the worst part of upholstery.  I’ll say there are a few bad things about upholstery.  The worst is the staples.

Since we darkened the wood I wanted to go for a more contrast and modern look for captain chairs in a dining room.  So I purchased this fabric, as who doesn’t love hydrangeas!   The seats and the back got lots of comfy new filling, some double welting trim along the backs and single welting on the seat to give it the details.     I made sure the back of the chair had the right flower placement so you can see the beauty of this fabric even from the back!

Captain Chairs floral by

Captain Chairs floral by glossndab.comCaptain Chairs floral by glossndab.comCaptain Chairs floral by


I hope you enjoyed the pictures.   They really are beautiful chairs.  Perfect for adding seating around the upcoming holiday season!

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