Dresser isn’t peeling anymore

Another find of ours that needed work.  A lot of work, so much work that we almost didn’t buy it.  But then the guy at the ReUse store said it was half price.   Oh well that makes it look a little better.   But so much peeling veneer and wait that drawer doesn’t even close!?  Can we do it?   Yes we can!  Or we at least hoped to repair it.

This is my only before photo.  Even you can’t miss that peeling veneer on the drawer.  And the drawer that wouldn’t close, well we got it closed, but now it wouldn’t open.   Bob did some great wood repair work on the dresser.   He peeled the veneer from all the drawers.  You use an old iron and a wet towel.  Who knew?   He also repaired the drawer with glue and replaced a drawer side (it was very warped).

The dresser was sanded, with the top receiving a nice stain and protective finish.  The dresser received a beautiful soft yellow, new vintage hardware and was lightly distressed.   Also this dresser still has the KEY for the drawers!  What a find! You almost never have the key!

Here she is ready for a new home.