Finding the “Right Red”

I’ve come to love red dressers.  While they are not for my house I am finding that when done with a beautiful refreshed wooden top they are really pretty.  I think it is also about finding the “right red”.    I found the “right red” in my favorite paint line and it’s General Finishes – BRICK RED!   Lots of people seem to like them too, as this dresser sold rather quickly in our booth.   I did want to share the before and afters with you, as I think you’ll love the transformation too.

Here is the after.  We added some vintage knobs we found out and about on our furniture hunting.  It’s always nice to find great knobs.

red dresser by

red dresser by

See where she started, not so pretty.    I hope you loved the transformation too.

I am on the hunt for more of these three drawer height dresser, if you see any let me know.

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