How Many Side Tables?

A good question to ask is “How many side tables have you done?”   Honestly I don’t think I can remember. Let’s just say they are one of my best sellers.  Everyone has a spot to add a new side table.  Everyone wants to add a pop of color to a room.  A little redecorating isn’t too much money when adding a side table. So I refinish side tables.

Now each side table has really no earth shattering story about where I found it.  Just think the basics:  estate sale, habitat for humanity, garage sale or reuse center.  I don’t think I have any that were curbside finds.  I think my boys might die of embarrassment at picking up a curbside find.  They are at the perfect age to die of embarrassment by something their mom does.  They also think I’m a bit crazy dragging them to estate sales.

So with no earth shattering story or makeover, I’m going to do a group post with four side tables we’ve updated lately.  Enjoy the beauty that is about to unfold.

before and after
Boring to Wedgwood Blue


yellow side table by
A little Yellow Table


navy table by
Navy for Win Again (and not football)


harp table by
Unique Harp Table is updated with Mint and White.


Thanks for looking.

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