Is that a bookcase? What is it?


What is that? A bookcase? A display case? A hymnal storage case?   Does it hold magazines?  These were some of my first thoughts when we ran across this at the Habitat For Humanity store a few years ago.

We broughtbefore it home and it stored encyclopedias for our home school room.   It stored a lot of them.  However, who uses old encyclopedias anymore?  I found we were using Google to answer our questions so the encyclopedias went into storage. They are hard to throw away, it just doesn’t seem right? Anyone else?

Anyway, so this bookshelf thing went into Gloss ‘n Dab’s inventory for being refreshed.   As you can see it is basic pine, with 70’s style legs (which I love) and two doors and a shelf inside.   I knew it had potential.  Since it had no style other than the legs, I painted some on, using one of my Target stencils.

I had some grey paint, some jade paint and a stencil.   First it got a good sanding, a good coat of primer and then I painted the whole thing grey.  I used my chalk paint mix as I love how it goes on, I can smooth it down and show a little distress.  This one needed to have some distressing in the finish, as it was distressed already and no matter the amount of sanding I could do, it was going to always look a little distressed.

Here it is now!  Don’t you love it?!

main1chevron top


The design really came together.  After I put the stencil on and the doors, I had to message my friend and ask her for an opinion.  Is it too much?  She loved it.  So trusting her design taste, and that is not hard to do, I finished it up.

That top shelf I sanded with a nice 400 grit sand paper before waxing. It’s so soft.  I would walk along this hall and just touch it.  I love it when I can get that soft feel on a painted piece of furniture.

I am also happy to say this one has SOLD!   It’s home is a Christian Yoga Studio, The Well in Fenton, MI.   You’ll have to stop by to see it!





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