Little Girls Play Hutch

When I saw this little girls play hutch that is just a mini of a real sized hutch I HAD TO HAVE IT!! They were selling it “as is.”   So I looked at it, touched it, rocked it and found that it was pretty solid, all the parts are there, it is a little rough for the wear and well the stickers are  just not my thing.   I just had to ask, “what do you mean, as is”.  The lady at the estate sale replies, “the knob is missing and it has some nicks.”   I am now personally thinking – really that’s it?  You have no idea the rough shape of things I buy.   So I snatch it up and brought it home!

I am so happy I bought this.   As some of you know and when you look at my about page, I only have boys.  All boys, if you include the dog.   I love girl stuff. I am a girly girl. I even own a purple hammer!    I knew immediately it needed some kind of pink.  Yes PINK!  I did think all pink might be a bit much so I opted to use the pink for accent and use gray for the base color.

Here is the before “as is”  (truly that makes me laugh every time I think of it)

play hutch by

See a few nicks — hello sand paper!  Knobs missing — hello Hobby Lobby!  The color — hello Mindful Gray and Poetic Princess!

Lots of sanding, priming, paint and a tough top coat.   New pretty glass knobs and some play food and you have yourself a play hutch for any playroom.   Now with that gray being one of the most popular gray colors around, this hutch would fit perfectly into your main floor rooms and blend in and not look too “play!”

Enjoy the after pictures.  I know I love looking at them.

play hutch by


play hutch by glossndab.complay hutch by

play hutch by glossndab.comI hope some Grandmother picks this up for her Granddaughter.  I just think that would be so cool.  It is listed on our for sale page but also made its debut to the booth at Reincarnations Resale yesterday.

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