Mid Century Modern Updated

A while ago, while out estate shopping alone, I found a dresser and nightstand. The price was right, they had no damage and I liked their smaller size.   I also got a bed frame to match in the deal.  I really didn’t want the bed frame, but again the price was right.  I was also offered the matching long drawer dresser with mirror.  I had to stop some where.  So I said NO to that piece.   Now the challenge was getting it all in the back of Bob’s truck.   You might think the truck is easier than my van, but I don’t agree.  The truck has a cover on it and it’s kind of challenging to open and fold back and clip in place so I don’t like it.  The van is just a wide open, tall space ready for furniture.    I however had the truck on this trip.   Someone I managed to get it all in without having to fold back the cover!

So the pieces started out this boring brown.  I like the two tone look on furniture.  Since the top of the dresser and nightstand was not wood, but laminate, I chose the reverse two tone look.  Paint the outside and keep the drawers wood.

Here is the before picture of the night stand (picture of dresser is missing).

MCM dressers from glossndab.comAfter cleaning up the dresser and painting it with this Zinsser Cover Stain Oil Based primer — I learned something very important!   I learned that you can’t wash the brush with water.  You might already know that and to my credit I did to.  However, when it came time to wash my brush, I walked to my kitchen sink, turned on the water and started to clean my brush.  Only to go “oh my goodness” I have a problem here.   I hurried and threw the brush in the garbage, scrounged through the shelves of Bob’s stuff in the garage and found some chemical thing that I was able to wash my sink out with and save it!  Yes I saved it!  Lesson learned and most likely a mistake I will not make again.   MCM dressers from glossndab.com

Make a note — this is the primer to use on laminate.  It will stick and stay stuck and you will get a beautiful surface for painting.   It does need more time to dry than water based which is what I use on wood.

After drying and painting three coats of Decorators White, I had a beautiful white dresser!   To protect it I used a new product.  One I’ve been reading about on line for a while, called General Finishes High Performance Top Coat.  This stuff is AWESOME!!!  I can’t sing it’s praises enough. It goes on smoothly, gives a smooth, streak free finish!  Isn’t that what you want on your dresser – a smooth, streak free finish.  It is on mine.  I’ve found my new best friend!MCM dressers from glossndab.com

To the drawers I used Howard’s Restore A Finish.  This is used when your wood is in good shape but needs to be revived to it’s original luster.   First you clean the wood, then you wipe on the restorer and then the Howard’s Feed N Wax Orange Oil.   It gives you a beautiful finish and luster.    Now that probably is way to much product info for you but I felt the need to share my new secrets.   You’ll understand why when you see these after photos.

MCM dressers from glossndab.com

MCM dressers from glossndab.com

MCM dressers from glossndab.com

MCM dressers from glossndab.comMCM dressers from glossndab.com

Do you love them?  I do!  They are in our booth at Reincarnations Resale if you want to see them in person.  I also have them in our for sale section.

I think they would be great in any room and really for any member of your family.  Except messy little boys.

Thanks for looking and sharing!

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