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I am finally back into the groove with Gloss ‘N Dab.  After the show I had a little burnout and didn’t even want to think about buying anything or thinking about how to refresh our items.  So I’ve sat back and finally this week I feel ready to refresh something!

This is a good feeling since we just picked up a bed frame to redo and are working on how to update a dresser for someone too.

I also hit the jackpot on an Antique Dresser.   It may not look like a lot right now but she has good bones, is an antique as the drawers are not even put together with the dovetail style but wooden nails. Well something like wooden nails, as when Bob told me what they were, I honestly just classified them in my mind as wooden nails. He’s also not here right now to ask what the term is, so let’s all go with “wooden nails”.  OK!?

The dresser has wheels too.  All the extra knobs are in the drawer as well.  That’s always a treat too.

I’m thinking a sink in the middle, one of those vessel sinks that sit on top.  The two sets of side drawers would still be for storage and then the bottom drawer as well.   What do you think?

I’m not sure when we will get to it, but it’s waiting and will live again.  Do you love this?  Let me know. We can arrange a visit and customize it for your bedroom or bathroom.

Enjoy the photos.


Dresser Marble Top
This is a picture of the “wooden nails” that joins the drawers. Those drawer pulls are wood and solid brass too!

close up
The marble is still pretty and in great shape.

Like I said, she’s pretty but needs to be refreshed.  I think Gloss ‘N Dab is just the team to do it!

Thanks for looking and share with your friends, maybe they want her in their home!


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