Old Cabinet To So Many Possibilities

An old cabinet just draws us.  If it’s in the barn or the basement we like it even more!

Small Dresser
Small Dresser



This small dresser was in pretty good shape without too many nicks, water stains or broken sides.  It was the last day of an estate sale and the guy wanted it gone.  He made a deal, I countered and we agreed.  He even helped me load it in the van.  Normally Estate Sale persons don’t do that for you.   I have a story soon of one that really did help me load the van. So full that I almost didn’t have room for the kids!  I’ll share soon.


Back to this dresser.  Since it didn’t need a lot of repair work, we were able to get started on it right away.  Bob stripped the top and I started to paint it.  In a few days it was done.  We even got some more modern hardware to dress it up.  The old hardware was a little cheap and even with updating them with oil rubbed bronze paint, I didn’t love them.  So updated hardware it got.



It’s done in a green even though these photos make it look a little blue.  If interested, I’ll send some other photos too.

It can serve as a nightstand or small dresser. Storage unit for an office or even for toys.  It has the one long drawer and two small with a cupboard too.   It can help you in your sewing or craft room or even as a small TV stand.   It’s ready for your home and in our For Sale section.

Thanks for looking!