One of the Firsts

This is one of the first dressers I painted!  

I remember purchasing it from an estate sale.  It was in the basement, painted in red  and wobbly.  While you may love red, a red paint job with drips and brush strokes is not for any room in the house.   After I persuaded my husband he needed to huff this out of the basement for me, on a cold January in Michigan, as I had visions of a beautiful blue from the beginning.


The dresser sat in the garage for a few months.   I sanded it and went to work on it with a chalk paint finish.  I used my own chalk paint recipe that I found online.  A mixture of plaster of paris, water and paint.  I’ll share my recipe and how to use it soon.

After two coats, some distressing to show highlights of red and the wood, also a clear coat of finishing wax, this is the finished product.



This also became the start of our business.

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