Orange Storage Cabinet or a Home for George

When you walk through the recycle center (AKA: no one knows any other way to dispose of these items) you find some treasures and you find some trash.  There are also a few items in between.  We’ve been lucky to find a few of the in between.

Like this cabinet.  I was kind of not on board with getting this item but Bob really thought it had potential.  I just didn’t see it.

storage cabinet by

Do you see any potential here?   Yeah, not me either.  However, it was what you call “yellow tag sale day”, so everything with a yellow tag was 50% off.   I figured if he sees potential, then for the 50% off cost it was worth a shot.

We have had to do that a few times.  Trust the other persons ideas or instinct that an item could be something.   In this case he was right and he usually is!  Together, and together is the best way to do things, we made this boring box into a great storage cabinet.

After looking at it we realized that if add some wheels, paint it a fun color and do something with that front doors, we may have something.

I went with a high gloss orange that is covered in poly-acrylic gloss.   It was my first time with this type of protective finish and will not say it is easy!  I wanted something durable as I did not plan on distressing this piece.   So to finish it up I brought it in the house, placed it in my family room and started putting on the finish.  Somewhere in there the can tipped over and let’s just say the carpet has some nice protective finish on it too now.   It’s clear so you don’t see it but if you walk in the right spot one area is a bit crispy.   As we know, carpet isn’t crispy, well typically it isn’t.

Back to this piece…on the door we decided that putting some metal on them and then a little trim molding and it would make a great magnetic door front.  How cute for pictures or notes!

I styled it for a kids room. I think it would store Lego’s with baskets inside, books, toys, really anything!  It rolls pretty great too.   Those wheels are fun and make this the easiest piece of furniture I’ve moved around lately!   A side note – I wish all furniture had wheels.      I think a cute cushion on top would make this a great seat too.

storage cabinet by glossndab.comstorage cabinet by glossndab.comstorage cabinet by

My one son really helped style this.  That is his George, Hobbit Lego house and picture.

storage cabinet by

The final before and after.   What would you store in it?  It’s for sale if your interested.


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