Pink Ombre is my new obsession!

I am in love and obsessed with ombre on a dresser and you can see why! I knew that was what I wanted to do with this dresser the minute I got it. I didn’t have to think twice or anything. I just had to get the dresser and the paint.

Here is the before photo after it came home from the Goodwill. I barely got it in the car (of course I was buying more than one piece). I got this at their 4th of July sale. Did you know thrift stores have sales? Honestly I was happy they did because when I was looking at it on Wednesday wondering if I really wanted to spend the price they had listed and decided NO. I went to the register to buy a book and the lady told me tomorrow was their 50% off sale. I confirmed that included furniture and she said YES. So inside I’m jumping for joy and trying to remember my schedule. I even asked her what time they opened. I realized my morning errand wasn’t going to get me there until 10:15 and they opened at 9:00. OH NO was someone else spying it out and coming earlier? Truly I lost a little sleep over that thought. No worries she came home with me and got her girly transformation.

original of pink ombre dresser from

Now to pick the right colors I went to Home Depot. They have paint strips in 3’s and that is what I needed. I found the colors immediately and got their samples sizes.  She got a good sanding and primer.  Then came the fun part, the color.   The dresser was also finished with a semi-gloss poly-acrylic, which is not my favorite to apply but I wanted a solid finish, as this piece is not distressed.    Now isn’t she perfect for any girl room?!

pink ombre dresser from

pink ombre dresser from glossndab.compink ombre dresser from

I’ll share my pink colors.  You almost think the top drawer is white until it is next to the Decorators White of the body of the dresser.   The pinks are: Ballerina Gown, Poetic Princess and Palace Rose.  I Love Those Names!
pink ombre dresser from glossndab.compink ombre dresser from

This dresser was a little more challenging to paint as without any distressing she had to be perfect. It took me a good 2 weeks and 4 coats of white and 3 pink.  The pulls I updated using Gold Rub and Buff and spray painted the legs and the bar at the bottom in metallic gold in matte finish.     She is sturdy and strong and ready for her next home!   You can find her in the for sale section for $225.

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