Quiet on the blog but active on the side

It’s been quiet over here on the blog, and I know that makes for boring redo’s to look at.  We took the summer off and did lots of camping and traveling.  Once Fall set in we did a custom dining room table and hutch for a family friend.  Here is the hutch.


We are still working hard on some redo’s and I’ll need your opinion on one in a day or two.

Bob has been collecting tools and I have no hope of ever parking in the garage again, unless we move and he get’s a big dream barn workshop.    He is working on making desks.  His first one is for Jacob and is looking pretty amazing.   Here is the inspiration and I will say, it’s looking pretty close to this!!

desk inspiration

I have a new dining room set coming into the house for an update. I’ll share that and my plans.  If you are in need of one let me know.

As for now, we still have a few pieces left to sell.  Those can be found in our For Sale section. Thanks for looking and if you need anything done send me a photo and your idea and we can go from there!


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