Samsonite Train Case – Gets Wild

I’ve had this train case for about 6 months.  As with old train cases and luggage they sometimes smell.   Really smell.  Like you don’t want to open it and definitely not put your stuff in it.   So I sat down to redo the inside.

I watched a few youtube video because redoing the inside it not a new idea.   There are many who have done this.  So a few videos under my belt, fabric in hand —  I was ready to go.    I’ve since learned those videos make it look easy.  Their train cases don’t match mine perfectly, meaning all have unique features.   That it is hard to redo a train case lining.  The easy part is ripping out the old liner.



I wanted to throw that liner out right away, but it was smart to keep the pattern. I needed it.   After my few practice fittings and refitting and relining and re-cutting, I think I have a beautiful train case.    I also can’t give you a tutorial, truly trial and error made this fit and look pretty.

To the outside I just cleaned it up to keep the vintage look.   I think it is pretty.  I wonder who owned it? What was it use for?  Did it travel around the world or just to Chicago?  Did it travel on a train or a plane?  Don’t you want to know too?!

outside inside close up

inside 2

What do you think?   Perfect!! I would think any girl would love this to hold her cosmetics, sewing supplies, craft supplies, jewelry anything else special.    Oh I also have the KEY!!!

Now would I do another one, not sure yet. I’ll find out how fast it sells at Reincarnations Resale, as I just put it in the booth the other day.


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