The Little Red Table Story

Once upon a time, while estate sale shopping, we happened along some old tables.  They were listed for more money than the shoppers wanted to spend, so they asked for a deal.  The deal came with a coin, one son guessing heads or tales and us loosing.  While the shoppers got a deal, they didn’t get the best deal.   They also learned don’t gamble while estate sale shopping!

This little side table was one of two in the above mentioned deal.

red side table by

The table was sanded down, primed, we painted it in “Cherry on Top” one of our favorite reds, sanded again and added a stencil in grey and finished in our much loved General Finishes top coat.

red side table by

red side table by red side table by

Along the way when this table was looking like it had potential. The youngest son in our family decided he really liked it. He is the one who sanded the table.  We offered him the opportunity to buy it from us at cost.  He asked if we would go lower.  NO, we would not!   He then gave me the money for it and it’s now for sale in our booth and the profits go to him!  I love that!  Creating little entrepreneurs early!

Come check it out and a few other new things at Reincarnations Resale.

red side table by

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