The Perfect Selfie Dresser

I have called this dresser the “selfie dresser” from the minute I saw it in an estate sale a year ago.  Yes a year ago!  It’s been in the back of the garage for that long.  Now it has finally received it’s makeover and is ready for some selfies.   You will understand why I call it that when you see it.

selfie nightstand

Isn’t this perfect and I mean perfect to take a photo of yourself or if you don’t want to do that just to see how you look when you get dressed in the morning?   It’s a tall mirror, is more like a nightstand but that mirror!  Really it’s just wonderful, well except for the color!

We took the mirror off did some sanding, painting, a little light distressing and added a top coat for durability, and some pretty hardware and it’s ready to go.  I painted it in General Finishes Antique White.    My husband is a dear, he helped me get this ready right before my CAbi clothing party.   Oh and if you don’t know what CAbi clothing is you’re in for a treat.  Click away and dream of Spring!

So this dresser was finished in time for my party, set up in my living room, so that when we try on the clothes we can see how fun and pretty they are on us!   But to my surprise this dresser SOLD that night!   To the CAbi consultant herself!   For what…SELFIE’S.  So she can show how the CAbi clothing looks on real people and share great combos and ways to wear an item more than one way!   I’m so glad it found a great new home!

Now here are the after pictures.

selfie dresser by glossndab.comPretty huh?!   Oh that dresser reflecting in the mirror — still one of my favorites.   Still waiting for inspiration!   But let’s keep looking at the Selfie Dresser…the scroll detailing is highlighted and the mirror is clean and the knobs —  well they give it a little glam!

selfie dresser by

selfie dresser by glossndab.comInside is a nice shelf and a big cavity for storing books, jewelry or add a basket and it can store clothes!  See my new book — The Fringe Hours — can’t wait to read it!

selfied dresser by glossndab.comselfie dresser in use

Oh and I had to add a selfie!  How could I not?!

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