Three Legged Jade Table

I’m featuring today a pretty little side table   It has three legs and fold down sides.

I don’t have any before pictures.   Just think of it as brown and drab.   It was found at an Estate Sale and when I looked at, found it sturdy and had fold down sides. I knew it was great for a little project!   The owners daughter was so excited to see me buy it and load it in my mini van and was thrilled it was going to a nice home, as it was her mom’s.  I guess a mini van, 2 kids and me = nice home?  Well I smiled and said it’s so cute I couldn’t pass it up.   I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was planning to paint it.

I had a sample of Lowe’s Spring 2014 Jade color and new it was perfect.   I sanded, primed and then painted it with my homemade chalk paint recipe.   It was a bit tricky as you needed to do the underside first and WAIT for it to dry then move the little arms that hold the sides up and paint and WAIT some more.   Finally onto the top and legs!

After some light distressing I used a Target stencil I found in their paint aisle.  Target has a paint aisle?? Who knew?   But when you wander Target as I sometime do, I end up in the paint aisle!  The stencil was painted in Cottage White and lightly distressed.  It was all sealed in MinWax Paste Finishing Wax.

IMG_0246   IMG_0250  IMG_0255 IMG_0257 IMG_0256

See how pretty she is now?  Ready for your home!