When YOUR Childhood Dresser Needs An Update

So HONESTLY tell me, how many of you have a piece of furniture from YOUR childhood?  Now be honest!  It can be in the basement, it can be in the living or sleeping area of your home, it might even be in the garage.  It’s all OK. We all have old stuff.   However in this case you want to pass on that old dresser to your new baby.   Yes a dresser that survived the 70’s is being passed on. It survived because well this is a sturdy dresser, and by sturdy I mean heavy and solid and heavy and big and heavy!  Do you understand that this dresser is heavy?  They made things to last in the 70’s.

So when a new contact asked me if we could help her update her husbands old dresser we thought sure, we can do that.   We visited the dresser and my husband realized the outside framing on the drawers were plastic (i.e. not paintable) and the top was laminate (i.e. it needed to be painted too, not stained).   Although it had these, well let’s say challenges, we knew it was doable!

navy dresser by glossndab.com

So as you can see we got to work on it, the drawer shown here is still with it’s plastic frame molding.  All 6 drawers and a middle door had this rectangular plastic molding.  The molding was also the drawer handles.   A notch was in it to open the drawers. We knew that plastic molding had to GO! We thought about recreating the rectangle in wood molding but decided instead to go linear.  We added wood molding to the top and bottom and then nice sleek handles.  The middle section was a door so to that we added a full rectangle.

Since our customer had a baby boy we decided to use the Coastal Blue paint color (AKA The Perfect Navy) from General Finishes.   A top coat was added and it’s pretty hardware and I have to say I’d be happy to give my old childhood dresser to my son if it got this update.

I think you might too!

navy dresser by glossndab.com

navy dresser by glossndab.com

The molding we used had a rope detailing and the pulls are like 7″ long.   navy dresser by glossndab.com navy dresser by glossndab.com

I actually really love these inside drawers they just seem like you may actually have some organized drawers!   I love the long top of this dresser so pretty!navy dresser by glossndab.com

Now to again understand the new beauty the final before and after photos.

navy dresser by glossndab.com

Now you might freely admit you have that childhood dresser in your home.

Now you might want to contact us to help you give it a new life!

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