Yellow For The Win

I struggle with color sometimes.  I want to find the perfect color for an item and sometimes things just don’t pop out to me that.  Should that piece be blue, green, yellow or white, or even some variation of that, I just don’t always know.   However, when I was looking at this dresser, I had an idea that Yellow was it’s color.   I did a similar dresser for a custom order for a baby changing table/dresser (wait until you see that!!), and thought that this dresser would be great for that use too and really any bedroom with a neutral theme.   So that is the route we went.

Before photo with mirror — we did not redo the mirror.  I find people like dressers with out the mirror (but if interested it is available) before

The top was stripped, sanded, stained and protected by Bob and then it came to me.  I decided that Antique White and Buttercup Yellow with that beautiful wood top would be the best match.   So with the help of painters tape and a small artist brush I was able to highlight the details.   It’s so pretty!  I wish I was able to use it in a new nursery (but well maybe not — I like my sleep).

I chose to do some light distressing as I think it gives it more character and a vintage feel.  The top is beautiful look closely!  The knobs are new and I think the crystal knobs gives it a nice touch of class.

Here’s the photo shoot.  Enjoy the pictures!


yellow dresser by

yellow dresser by yellow dresser by yellow dresser by yellow dresser by glossndab.comyellow dresser by

This dresser would fit nicely into any home.  Here is the before and after collage for your final viewing.  It is for sale for $275.00.

yellow dresser by

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